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La Collection Élégance is French for “The Elegance Collection.” I wanted a name that would capture the feeling you get when purchasing a luxury item. I also wanted a name that gives a luxury and sophisticated feel. I started the brand out of my love for beauty and fashion which I previously expressed through a blog. My love of beauty and fashion, led me to interact with many other fashion blogs who often featured celebrities or influencers in designer items. Sometimes they would even do a “look for less” showing how to get the look of an expensive outfit at a more reasonable cost.


Following these blogs, inspired my desire to own my own luxury items. However, in today’s society with inflation- spending the money to purchase items brand new from the boutiques seemed unjustifiable. From there, I began wondering how one can treat themselves to something nice without breaking the bank and not sacrificing quality and authenticity.


Authenticity in particular was of most importance to me. When buying luxury, it is an investment piece. Which means it would have to be authentic for me to find value in it and justify the price! No one wants to invest large amounts of money into anything for it to break or be deemed to be a replica later down the line. I also wanted the quality that comes with buying luxury pieces. 

Additionally, I have always been the kind of person who likes to repurpose things. It could be leftovers from a previous meal or fabric from an old shirt. I get a good feeling when I am able to find alternative uses for things.


In the past, I have done upcycling projects with old jeans and fabric from shirts. One time, I decided to make a turban head band with a shirt and sweater I was no longer loving. They turned out great! Another thing I loved to do occasionally was thrifting. I had always visited thrift stores as a child with my mother. So I was no stranger to thrift stores.


Eventually through watching youtube and influencers, I discovered the idea of preloved designer and consignment shopping. I did some research and found a few that aligned with the values and qualities mentioned previously.  My first ever purchase was a Louis Vuitton piece. From there, I went on to discover that I really enjoyed vintage pieces. Especially vintage Louis Vuitton like the one shown below! Shop a similar one here!

luxury consignment london ontario


So of course, my personal collection features a number of Louis Vuitton items- including some rare finds like the Marelle waist bag. I also have a classic speedy that I use daily- click here to view one from our shop!


luxury consignment london ontario


What made me feel good was that suddenly luxury brands became affordable- all while contributing to sustainability and creating a more conscious lifestyle. If you didn’t already know, textile waste is a big problem- even when donated.


When items can’t be sold, or are deemed unsellable, they are sent away to developing countries like Kenya. From there, they end up polluting bodies of water and geographical areas. Additionally, their textile and garment industries become suppressed and workers are exploited. Here are some resources if you would like to look more into this topic:

Change Markets


Statistics Canada


RFI article



La Collection Élégance aims to help change this trend by encouraging people to shop sustainably and make conscious spending decisions. For example, if you need a suit but you know its expensive and you will only wear it once- consider renting one instead. Or if you want to buy an expensive item, choose a style that will be timeless which means you will want to keep it in your collection for a long time. This encourages circularity and using items until their end of life.


La Collection Élégance is about fashion, community, and sustainability. Making our world better one item at a time while making authentic luxury affordable. By combining two concepts - fashion/beauty and sustainability La Collection Élégance was born. My mission is to provide you quality luxury goods while encouraging a sustainable lifestyle.


The values and qualities mentioned previously in this blog (authenticity, quality, eco-friendly, and affordability) have been incorporated into La Collection Élégance. I source designer items, have them checked via professional authenticators, then provide them for sale. Each purchase includes a certificate of authenticity and I also do some light repairs when needed. I currently sell through facebook, instagram, tik tok and on my website lacollectionelegance.ca. If you don't see what you are looking for, you may also place a custom order so we can personal shop for the item you are looking for.


Together, we can work towards a zero waste society by making better purchasing decisions. This means thrifting, mending, upcycling, and sometimes just using what we already have. I look forward to helping you source your next preloved luxury item! Check out my curated collection here.

luxury consignment london ontario
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