About Us

La Collection Élégance ceo and founder


Meet Brittany- The Owner 

I have always loved beauty and fashion. So much so, that I previously ran a fashion blog based on these topics. This love of fashion and beauty, led me to follow many other online blogs and influencers who show how to style various items. They would often include some luxury ones.  

This lead me to become interested in owning my own luxury items. However like many people, my thought was that boutique pricing was extremely high. This brought up questions like "how would one be able to afford luxury items?" Especially being an everyday kind of person just wanting to treat themselves. Shortly after, the idea of consignment and preloved luxury items was stumbled upon. I subsequently purchased a few and found that my favourite is vintage Louis Vuitton. So naturally, my collection features a number of vintage Louis Vuitton pieces.

I have always been the kind of person who likes to repurpose things. Even something as simple as left overs from a meal or material from clothes I am no longer in love with. 

If you were not aware we have a large problem with textile waste polluting developing countries. This even happens when the items are donated- simply because the item is deemed as too damaged or isn't purchased (check out my blog post for more information on this). 

What made me feel good about purchasing preloved is that suddenly, luxury brands became affordable- all while contributing to sustainability and creating a more conscious lifestyle. This is what La Collection Élégance is about- fashion, community, and sustainability. Making the world better one item at a time while making authentic luxury affordable.

La Collection Élégance values

By combining two concepts I love (fashion/beauty and sustainability) La Collection Élégance was born. La Collection Élégance's are: authenticity, affordability, quality, and eco-friendly. My mission is to provide you quality luxury goods while encouraging a sustainable lifestyle. Together, we can work towards a zero waste society by making better purchasing decisions. This means thrifting (buying preloved), mending, upcycling, and sometimes just using what we already have.

I currently sell through facebook, instagram, tik tok and here on my website. If you don't see what you are looking for, you may also place a custom order. I look forward to helping you source your next preloved luxury item!