Elevating Your Style: Your Guide to the Best Preloved Designer Handbags

Elevating Your Style: Your Guide to the Best Preowned Designer Handbags

Let’s face it, purchasing a designer item can be an exciting process. However, thought and research should be put into it before deciding to take the plunge. Being that my purpose is to encourage people to shop more sustainably, I suggest a luxury item investment should be a timeless one. This way, you will want to keep it in your closet for a long time or until the end of its cycle. Moreover, you will want to wear it more because it goes with many things. 

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(A picture of my personal collection- all preloved! :) )

The best way to build your luxury collection without breaking the bank is shopping on the preloved market. Often times, you are able to purchase pieces for a fraction of the cost it would be to purchase brand new.

Shopping on the preloved market also provides an opportunity to purchase rare items or items that are no longer made by the fashion houses themselves. 

We have also noticed many fashion houses recycle their styles and collections. For example, Louis Vuitton previously sold the Chantilly bag in a pm, mm, and gm size. They had discontinued all the sizes and recently relaunched a mini version with only a few changes. 

Below is the relaunched Chantilly micro compared with the Chantilly mm available in our shop. The only true differences are that the shape of the accent leather has a different finish and they also removed the interior pocket completely. Lastly, they made the strap detachable. Which in theory is nice if you want to be able to swap out the strap for different coloured or finished straps. 

Louis Vuitton micro chantillyLouis Vuitton Chantilly MM


However, micro sized bags often do not fit much. This new version of the Chantilly is no stranger to that. Its measurements are 4.9 x 5.1 x 1.6 inches. This means that someone who wanted to have this bag as an every day bag but wanted to fit all essentials (such as car keys, card holder, phone, chapstick) would likely not be able to achieve this.

Many smartphones on the market have dimensions larger than the 4-5 inches that the Chantilly micro offers. That said, it would call for a bag that is a bit larger. You can check out the Chantilly mm here. 

In this guide we will explore our top picks for the luxury lover that wants to invest in a luxury bag that is affordable, functional, and practical.


Our Top Picks For Preowned Luxury Handbags and Accessories:

1. The Crossbody Bag 

Our top pick would be the crossbody bag. We highly recommend adding one to your collection as they come with many benefits. Among some of the benefits are they often come with adjustable or interchangeable straps so whether you are taller or shorter you can get the right fit. Moreover, if you like to showcase your style, you can swap out your straps with a pop of colour or whatever your heart desires that day.

Secondly, they allow you to be hands free. So if you are a mom or someone always on the go, all you have to do is pack up your stuff and be on your way. There is no fuss about trying to hold on to various items, a child, and your purse.

Lastly, they are secure safety wise. As we know purchasing luxury is an investment and you want to make sure it is safe when you are out. When you have a crossbody, it stays on your person so you don’t have to worry about setting it down anywhere while out and about. 

Of course we would recommend the crossbody Chantilly mm bag as mentioned earlier. However, if you prefer to switch your straps out or want a more understated look- check out this Gucci Jackie 1961 crossbody bag here. It comes in a beautiful nude colour and features the removable thick strap. It is stylish and on trend but still fits all your essentials.

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2. The Satchel Bag 

We personally love a satchel because they typically offer more space with interior pockets. So if you need to carry a little more than just your every day essentials, this style of bag is for you!

Additionally, satchels are versatile. You can wear them with just the short handle that often comes on satchels for a super stylish look. Or you can utilize the long strap when you may need to be hands free. 

If you shop on the preowned luxury market and you want to maximize your budget, I would recommend the Louis Vuitton classic speedy. The speedy comes in various sizes and textures/prints. So depending on how much stuff you are looking to carry and your personal style, you can purchase a Louis Vuitton speedy. 

What I personally love to do is add a long strap. As a mom, I do need to be hands free often. So this allows me to have both the top handle look and the long strap look.

Speedy bags have been around since the beginning of the brand’s existence and were popularized by Audrey Hepburn. The brand has since come out with the bandouliere version which comes with the strap. However, that comes at a much higher price point. 

To keep costs down I added a generic amazon strap to my monogram speedy which matches the tone of brown on the canvas. You can check out a similar here. 

vintage designer speedy bagvintage designer speedy bag

3. The Statement Bag 

While I always advocate for sustainability and purchasing items you will want to keep in your collection for some time. This often calls for neutrals and traditional styles. However, its always nice to have that one or two statement bags that will make minimal outfits come to life on its own. 

Statement bags can be unique and rare and come in bold colours or distinctive patterns that make them stand out from your everyday bag. In this case, I would recommend the Fendi baguette bag. 

sarah jessica parker baguette fendi

We know this bag has been all the rave recently as 90’s fashion has been revived. It reminds many of their favourite show- sex in the city and is often seen in the neutral monogram print. However, this bag comes in a variety of sizes, materials, and colours as shown below.

fendi 1997 fendi sarah jessica parker

You can utilize our luxury personal shopping service to source your own version that suits your personal style. Reach out to us here.


Key Take Aways

As you start building your preowned designer bag collection, remember it is wise to choose pieces that resonate with you and your personal stye well. Also, think of your lifestyle and what types of pieces you would get the most use out of. Whether you choose to invest in that everyday luxury bag or a statement bag to add to your collection, preloved luxury has a wealth of items to explore. Happy hunting!

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