Where to Buy Gently Used Designer Handbags: A Guide to Help You Discover Where to Buy

Where to Buy Gently Used Designer Handbags: A Guide to Help You Discover Where to Buy

If you’re a fashion enthusiast, the enchantment of owning a designer handbag is undeniable. However, no one can deny the large price tag that comes with purchasing a designer handbag- especially if you purchase brand new. This is why we highly recommend checking out the preloved market.

If you are new to the industry- preloved is another name for gently used or preowned. We invite you to explore the world of gently used designer handbags where you can get everything in a complete package- authenticity, affordability, sustainability, and fashion forward options. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss  where to buy gently used designer handbags. 

Are Second Hand Luxury Purses Worth It?

Before we discuss where to buy second hand luxury purses, let us first discuss why they are worth it, and in our opinion, superior to purchasing new. Arguably, one of the biggest advantages is the cost savings that comes with buying second hand luxury purses.

Many designer handbags cost hundreds and often times, thousands to buy brand new in the store. When you make the decision to buy gently used Louis Vuitton bag, second hand Bottega Veneta crossbody bag, or any other brand for that matter- you also save hundreds to thousands of dollars just by choosing to buy preloved.

Secondly, it allows you to access designer handbags that have been discontinued- which means they are rare and not many other people will have them. Additionally, a gently used designer handbag has character and tells a story about its previous life which adds an additional layer of charm to an item.


dior bag collection 90s gucci bag

Gently Used Designer Hand Bags For Sale

Now that we have discussed the benefits of buying pre owned designer bags, let us get into the meat and potatoes- where to buy them!

1. Online Luxury Resale Platforms

One of the most common and convenient places to purchasing high end resale designer handbags is via online luxury platforms. In particular, looking for websites that may not have a storefront may be seen as an advantage because they do not have high store costs- therefore being able to offer more competitive pricing on items.

They sometimes have a more curated selection and sometimes a larger selection that includes various brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada etc. Click here to check out La Collection Élégance’s curated collection of gently used designer handbags. 

However, while on your search we suggest looking for places that offer certificates of authenticity with your purchase. As many luxury enthusiasts know, replicas are rampant and we would never want you to invest hundreds (worse thousands) of money into an item- only to find out it is fake later. 

Here is a copy of a certificate of authenticity for a vintage Gucci Jackie 1961 bag available on our website currently. It lists a unique code that can be searched and traced back to the original authentication company. This way you know it has been checked by a qualified and reputable professional.


vintage gucci jackie 1961

We also suggest purchasing from a place that provides plenty of pictures, and detailed information about each item. Additionally, it also helps if they are open to further questions about the item.

Some online consignment shops also offer personal shopping for gently use designer bags. This means that you get a more customized experience. You can let them know the item you are looking for, the colour, condition, and even your budget. This makes for a very personalized experience for you to shop gently used designer handbags, accessories, and jewellery.

La Collection Élégance offers personal shopping options for gently used designer handbags, accessories, and jewellery. You can reach out to them here for your custom order.


2. Local Consignment Shops

If you prefer the in person experience, you may want to check out your local consignment shop. This way you can look at items up close and personal, ask questions, and get answers immediately. Which may allow you to make your decision quicker.

However, a draw back to consignment stores may be that their selection may vary often and you can not request personal shopping options. Additionally, their prices may be higher due to higher costs associated with having a physical store.

3. Department Stores

Some higher end department stores have started carrying gently used designer items at a fraction of the cost to buy brand new. They often have a section to explore a curated selection of gently used designer handbags. However, often times, their selection is much smaller because carrying preloved designer items is not their focus. Cost of items may also be an issue here as well, because they are located in malls, and larger storefronts.

4. Online Auctions

If you love the excitement of bidding, online auctions ma bye where you prefer to shop for gently used designer. Participating in online auctions is usually a cost effective way to acquire designer items. However, be cautious of which auction you choose to join. As depending on the platform or seller, they may not show all flaws of an item in detail. That said, you may end up with an item in worser condition than you expected. We suggest thoroughly researching sellers, their product descriptions, and of course look for sellers with certificates of authenticity.

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5. Pop Up Shops

This is a newer way of shopping that has been popularized more recently. They are great because they offer businesses who do not have storefronts the opportunity to showcase their products in person.

This way you get access to the cost savings that come with a shop not having a permanent storefront, and you also get to ask questions on demand in person. Let us know in the comments if you have been to any local pop ups, what location, and if you would like to see us pop up anywhere near you!

6. Luxury Resale Events

Luxury resale events also offer in person experiences for enthusiasts seeking gently used designer handbags. These events often have a range of designers such as gently used Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, etc at a discounted price. However, the only drawback here, is you have to be in the know as to when the event will be happening. Sometimes there is a cost to attend, and there is often lineups to get into these sales. Therefore you will have to gauge if you believe it is worth it to spend the money to attend. This may depend on how likely it will be that they have the item you are after or just a good selection in general.

7. Social Media Groups

This may be the most uncommon place to look. However, many social media platforms like, Facebook have large groups of designer enthusiasts- often dedicated to individual brands. In many of these groups, buying, selling, and general discussion happens. This may also be a great place to get a good deal. However, we suggest still employing some practices to make sure you are buying an authentic item. Check out our guide to avoid purchasing a replica designer handbag here. Due to the groups being very large (in some cases) the onus falls on you to do due diligence in purchasing an item from an individual seller.


Buy Gently Used Designer Handbags Conclusion

If you are in the market for gently used designer handbags, accessories or jewellery, research is going to be your best friend. You want to ensure you pick the best channel that will meet your individual needs (authenticity, selection etc). Whether you decide to use online platforms, local consignment shops, or check out a luxury sale event, the key is to check all boxes (style, authenticity, and affordability).

Shop preloved handbags that have a history and charm that purchasing brand new does not offer. As you explore the preloved market of designer handbags and accessories, may you find the preloved designer handbag that speaks to your sense of personal style. Happy shopping!


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